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Real estate owners are prime estate planning candidates. Without proper planning, an owner’s family can be left to pay significant estate tax without liquid assets to make the payment. Even though that tax can often be paid over a 14-year period, the cash flow needed to make those tax payments can significantly reduce cash

Creating a grantor retained annuity trust (commonly referred to as a “GRAT”) is a relatively simple way to transfer property to your children at virtually no gift tax cost. In order for a GRAT to be successful, your retained annuity from the GRAT must increase in value greater than a hurdle rate. The hurdle rate

Funding Revocable (Living) Trusts

Many of your clients’ estate plans consist of “pour over” Wills into revocable living trusts.  Many of these revocable trusts are unfunded which means a Will would still need to be probated in court when an individual dies. However, Probate or Surrogate’s Courts in many states are shut down. Even if

As a result of the Federal Reserve Bank’s recent stimulus and interest rate decreases in response to the coronavirus, intra-family loans can be used to transfer wealth to future generations with no gift tax consequences as well as to renegotiate existing intra-family loans at reduced interest rates.

An intra-family loan is a basic estate-planning technique